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REPORTS TO: Five Member Board of Commissioners of the Housing Authority. The Executive Director serves at the pleasure of the Board of Commissioners.



Responsible for all aspects of the housing authority’s operations including the direction and administration of all programs, policies, housing management, mainte¬nance, financial control, personnel, and community develop-ment operations. This includes the direct administration of 110 Public Housing Low Rent Program units that are leased to qualifying applicants who meet income requirements as established by the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department that house elderly/disabled (50 units) and families (60 units), the direct administration of 51 units of Multi-family apartments in accordance with Use Agreement between the Housing Authority and HUD, and four units of market rate housing in Central Washington, Kittitas County.



Manages, directly or through subordinate levels of supervi¬sion, all employees of the Housing Authority. Currently the positions employed by the Housing Authority include: Executive Director, Occupancy Specialist, Accountant, Program Assistant, Maintenance Lead, and Maintenance Repairer (2). A seasonal grounds keeper position is employed for approximately seven months (April – October). Local area contractors are utilized as needed for a variety of tasks that typically include carpet cleaning, flooring replacement, drain cleaning, concrete flat work, carpentry, painting, modernization/remodel, electrical, and plumbing.



The following represent the major essential and secondary duties of the position; however they are not intended to be all-inclusive. The Authority reserves the right to change, reassign, or combine job duties at any time.


Essential Job Functions


  1. Serves as Secretary to the Authority's Board of Commissioners.  Develops, presents, and proposes agency agenda items and accompanying recommendations related to goals, programs, policies, and budgets to the Board prior to each meeting. Prepares and presents related progress and activity reports. Implements directives from the agency’s Board of Commissioners. Prepare and distribute information packets for all meetings, prepare minutes for all meetings. Maintain timely communication with members of the Board of Commissioners.

  2. Directs the overall administration of all Housing Authority programs and projects. Insures that all programs are operated in compliance with all applicable regulations within contractual budget constraints. The work involves budget development and monitoring; accounting and finance activities and reports; grant proposal development, review, and/or monitoring; housing and community development design, development, and implementation; housing management programs compliance; approval of contracting and procurement policies and actions; agency policy development and administration; facilities management; resolution of technical and/or administrative problems; and staff supervision, training, and professional development. Oversees the overall administration of a public agency to include personnel management, budgeting, financing, procurement, marketing, reporting, and program administration. Prepares, or oversees the preparation of, all ongoing and specialized reports for HUD and other related sources regarding the Authority's activities, programs, and services in a timely manner and in accordance with established submission schedules. Create and maintain a productive and positive workplace environment, including remaining current with technology development and offerings, especially those designed to enhance the overall efficient and compliant operation of the agency. Responsible for ensuring adequate staffing levels are maintained and employee performance measurement system is current. Update and implement ongoing professional development and job enrichment programs for all HAKC staff as necessary and available. Primary contact for the State Auditor’s Office and ensures full compliance with all generally-accepted accounting principles and practices. Maintain strong internal controls in the handling and utilization of agency funds in a fiscally sound and responsible manner.

  3. Under the guidance and direction of the Board of Commissioners determine the need and direct the creation, development, and implementation of any new housing programs . Directs all activities related to the development of new housing opportunities for low income individuals on a countywide basis. Interfaces directly with local, county, and state government officials, non-profit organizations, architects, attorneys, accountants, finance, contractors, realtors, and others as required to investigate new, creative approaches to expanding low income housing base. Researches various grant and loan programs on a local, state, and federal level for financing opportunities and oversees the preparation of applicable proposals, applications, etc. to secure such funding.

  4. Represents the Housing Authority on a local, statewide, regional and national level to promote awareness of housing programs, development opportunities, and services necessary for the successful operation of applicable housing programs administered. Maintain direct communication with media, public/governmental and private groups, boards, commissions, and professional associations.  Make presentations, both informational and persuasive, to groups and/or individuals to elicit information, solicit business, and to promote the agency's services and objectives.  Develop, or oversee the development of, brochures, reports, news releases, and other informational and/or marketing documents.  Serve on boards of associations, organizations, agencies, committees, and task forces offering allied services to qualifying clients and/or counsel with same.

  5. Performs other essential duties and tasks as assigned. This is inclusive of the management of additional housing property or other closely related programs as may be offered that directly enhance the economic opportunities for the clients of the Housing Authority or the sustainability of the agency


Secondary Job Functions


As this individual manages the entire operation of the Authority, all duties are considered essential




Mandatory Qualifications


The individual must possess the following knowledge, skills and abilities or be able to explain and demonstrate that s/he can perform the essential functions of the job, with or without reasonable accommodation, using some other combination of skills and abilities.


  1. Requires a thorough knowledge of the principles and practices related to the overall administration of a public agency to include personnel management, budgeting, financing, procurement, marketing, reporting, and program administration typically acquired through the completion of a bachelors (preferably masters) level program in business or public administration, or any combination of education, training and/or experience that provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities.

  2. Requires an extensive knowledge base of state and federal-assisted housing program laws and regulations including interpretation, development, and implementation of policy directives and changes; program compliance; budgeting and finance requirements, and substantial experience working directly in a public housing program(s) in a supervisory capacity with direct budgetary responsibility. Administer over $4,000,000 in assets, public funds, public assistant grants and federal capital fund dollars.

  3. Requires the ability to read, understand, write and/or develop and negotiate contracts.

  4. Requires experience in community development projects (or with a public agency having direct involvement in community development) to include a thorough understanding of techniques for determining and developing local community needs and resources.

  5. Knowledge of federal grant application development and administrative policies and procedures.

  6. Requires previous experience in managing personnel including the ability to communicate, train, counsel, and discipline employees effectively, to conduct effective performance appraisals, and to create an organization that has a positive, productive atmosphere with a high level of integrity, high degree of professionalism, and is a progressive and analytical working environment capable of self-scrutiny and critical thinking for the enhancement of the agency’s involvement in the communities served and overall sustainability.

  7. Requires strong written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills as direct communication with supervisors and employees, either individually or in groups, is an integral part of this job.

  8. Must be able to develop and maintain extensive contacts on a local, state, and federal level with a variety of community groups, government officials, contractors, architects, realtors, and other individuals including persons of varying knowledge and educational levels to elicit information and effectively design, implement, and maintain existing and potential housing programs. design, implement, and maintain existing and potential housing programs.

  9. Requires the physical abilities to travel on a regular and ongoing basis to local, regional, and nationwide sites and meetings; to speak (or to otherwise make effective presentations) before public and private agencies, officials, and other groups or individuals. Travel often includes driving within the local, state, and regional area in order to attend meetings and/or inspect properties.

  10. Requires basic knowledge of construction management including specification development, familiarity with architectural plans, blueprints, and drawings, cost estimating, construction inspections, and building codes.

  11. Requires ability to positively network and actively participate in community events, such as, but not limited to, Chamber of Commerce, clubs, service groups, non-profit partnerships, committees and workshops as they pertain to housing concerns or tenancy.


Secondary Qualifictions


Although not mandatory, the following qualifications will enhance an individual's chance for success in the job and are desirable.

  1. Knowledge of tenant-landlord laws.

  2. Direct knowledge of working with tenant based issues and problems as well as knowledge of legal issues associated with rental and landlord litigation.

  3. Direct working experience or training in building codes and construction.