Apply for Housing

The Steps and Process


Housing Application

To be put on the HAKC housing waitlist, connect with our staff to complete a housing application. Submittal of application does not guarantee qualification. Application is date stamped and that is the day you go on the waitlist.


Qualification Paperwork

Once you are within the first 5 applicants at the top of the waitlist, when a unit is coming open, HAKC will call you to come pick up the next set of required paperwork to see if you qualify. That paperwork includes a Housing Application and Section 8 packet to complete. You will need to provide numerous documents relevant to your situation as directed by HAKC.


Qualification Process

The qualification process begins once you complete and return all requested paperwork to the HAKC office. The qualification process includes reviewing all requested paperwork, running a background/credit check, verifying landlord references and conducting all other relevant verifications.


Tax Credit Paperwork

Once qualified, you will come in to the HAKC office to complete the separate tax credit paperwork, which will include the Resident Eligibility Application. This must be completed in-person.


Third Party Compliance Approval

Once the Resident Eligibility Application is completed, it is sent to HAKC’s third party compliance firm for review and approval.


Lease Signing and Move In

Upon final approval, HAKC sets up a “move in” appointment with you where the lease agreement and all relevant documents are reviewed, signed and keys to the unit are given to you.


The main office for the Housing Authority of Kittitas County can be found at Trinal Manor. Please call to make an appointment if you need assistance from our staff.

Trinal Manor
107 W 11th Ave, Ellensburg, WA 98926
(509) 962-9006